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Our Story

Our Story

PaperSolve was established in 1986 as “Stardate Computer Systems”.

Its founders observed the need in the computer industry for ongoing support to the SMB (Small & Medium Businesses) market. That need included Personal Computer maintenance, configuration, support and network connectivity for companies that couldn’t afford to hire their own IT administrator. Some of the very first customers that came on-board back in 1986 are still utilizing our services and products today.

Over the years, Stardate Computer Systems decided to branch out and expand its reaches into the software development arena. They chose to dedicate their efforts towards a new and emerging technology called “Document Imaging”. These efforts were driven by a need conveyed by customers, overwhelmed with the task of managing paper and its workflow within their industries. The results of that endeavor spawned “PaperSolve” (both the product and company).

Today, thousands of users have PaperSolve, or one of its custom-built modules under the covers, providing document imaging technology and workflow. At the same time, PaperSolve continues to provide unprecedented managed services and cloud hosting solutions to a wide range of customers in the legal, financial, and recycling industries.